Golden Quill Press and The Write Source were started in New York in 1998, by writers, editors and publishers. These professionals had worked in the publishing field for over twenty years and were seeing how, difficult it was becoming each day to get published.  The best seller lists were generally reflecting the same authors and the same major publisher.  So how was a first-time novelist going to get noticed?
    In their effort to help writers find an alternative to expensive self-publishing Golden Quill Press offered Cooperative Publishing, a custom designed system for the writer to choose what services they want and how many books to print. This feature continues to give writers the ability to see their work in print sooner, easier and cheaper and to avail themselves of the advice, and expertise of the professionals at
The Write Source and Golden Quill Press.  
    The principals, Francine Barish-Stern, (Cefola) and Bobbi Madry also responded to writer’s needs, and put together a package of services and educational workshops, books and individual training that helped writers learn the ins and outs of their craft.  
    Then in 2005, Golden Quill Press went one step further.  As a result of years of workshops, forums, and individual training, Barish-Stern and Madry began writing a text/workbook, “From An Idea to your Published Story.” This writer’s guide is an interactive journey through the writing world that has been so well received that many writers have used its methods to turn their ideas into the written word.  For the fifth edition printing in 2016, a new cover has just been created and the name has changed to, “HOW TO WRITE YOUR BOOK, From An Idea to Your Published Story.”   Also, to reach out to as many people interested in writing as possible, in 2006 all writing services were put on the Internet.
    Over the years Golden Quill Press has partnered with other companies to help writers.  One such company is Greetings on Gold. Many writers get their experience writing greeting cards, so in 2002 the Write Source and Greetings on Gold joined together to help writers publish their poems and verse onto Elegant Goldtone Metal Greeting Cards.