Our philosophy is simple, “To better the lives of others is your life's greatest reward.” Most of our programs are free and they benefit everyone involved.
And, some are better than free.

We truly welcome every child, young adult and grown-up who has access to the Internet into our educational, motivational, inspirational and character building program, with special affinity for children of Military Service Members, Firefighters, and Law Enforcement Personnel, and all who Protect and Serve.

The Golden Rule Society (GRS) is led and managed by non-paid volunteers and 100% of the net funds raised by the organization go to help children and non-profit beneficiaries.  We help all legitimate non-profit groups with free fund raising programs.

More than a million lives have been touched and improved by the very generous outreach programs offered by the GRS.

Visit our website and watch the short video below before clicking any of the links, so that you better understand all of the great opportunities presented.

My goal in life is to help as many young people as I can to be more successful in life.

Plus, we’re offering income opportunities to everyone in the world with Internet access.

GBU and yours…
Captain Len Kaine, president