We recently completed 3 years of mineral exploration in the Tonto National Forest in Arizona, USA. During this time we uncovered quality gold areas, conducted lots of site testing, filed for 10 gold mines and received extraction approval on 4 mines with the support of domestic and international investors.

Author Anthony Young has been consulting small mine owners and gold mine investors in 27 countries for over 15 years. He is former CEO of several mining companies in the USA.

We work with investor support to conduct precious metal exploration and gold mining on federal land in the USA. We teach new mine owners and current mine owners how to properly test a site, how to get approval in 21 days or less without the need for a bond. Our methods are proven and all small mine owners to generate a profit while they wait for a larger operation to be approved

We also will start up gold mines for investors and consult investors on mines they may want to purchase. We conduct site testing, sampling, document reviews and more.

We have created a new book called "Gold Mining On A Budget" which is being offered for distribution by Ingram Sparks to online and store retailers in 4 countries.

This 80 page book shows a beginner how to become a pro at gold mining on a small budget. How to locate gold deposits, how to properly test a site, how to file a discovery, how to receive extraction approval in 21 days or less and much more. This book is also great for gold mine investors so they better understand how a small gold mine should really work. Under this method, the mine owner would be allowed to recover up to $250,000 in gold from a simple operation in a short time.

This method is great for generating an income while waiting for a larger operation to be approved. This method will also help offset some of the cost for a major operation.