At Gold Standard Promotions, we focus on planning for perpetual growth through face-face promotions. Our unique approach to interactive marketing focuses on people and the human element – the one critical component missing from traditional approaches to indirect marketing. Through our tailored campaigns, we deliver greater exposure for the brands we represent, while strengthening consumer loyalty for long-term results.

Each campaign we deliver starts with a strategic outlook. Our whole team engages in this process, because each team member is hand-picked and rigorously trained to share the entrepreneurial mind set of our business and our clients. Every team member has a strong work ethic, while remaining adaptable and flexible to the changing needs of each campaign. Through positive reinforcement, and a measured approach to training and mentorship, we shape entrepreneurs into future business leaders, effective in taking a client’s marketing requirements and delivering a full-fledged, highly-impactful campaign. It’s this learning-oriented corporate culture that makes us the outstanding partner our clients return to again and again.