The Goliath Experience!

We're a team of skilled outsourced program managers and our companies CEO is a veteran affiliate marketing manager who has managed affiliate programs for Zappos.com, Shoes.com, Lamps Plus, and PartnerWeekly. Company sales became 35% of their companies overall sales under her management, which was a total of $105M in affiliate revenue. After successfully managing those programs she created her own marketing & advertising agency with a team of Outsourced Program Managers! We manage outsourced marketing programs such as Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Social Media, Shopping Comparison sites, and Search Marketing. We are accepting new clients! Studies show outsourcing your marketing efforts vs. hiring an in-house employee can save your company money since you're not paying the additional cost of employee benefits. Companies that have Affiliate programs double or even triple their company revenue vs. Companies with no Affiliate Program. In addition, Merchants benefit from increased exposure and better brand awareness!