The ORIGINAL: In 1999 a single shade, multi-functioning product was created that has changed the way we think about cosmetics - Hundreds of thousands are sold - worldwide. That product is Go-Natural ® - The All-in-One Cosmetic ® ... created, and founded, by Canadian Michele Kish in 1999 in London Ontario, Canada. 
Michele, a Licensed Cosmetologist / Beauty Professional since 1978,  passionately involved in the professional beauty industry, saw a need for a professional grade product,  that offers simplicity in beauty -  One single product that would eliminate the complication and bring affordability and simplicity to beauty to allow all women to have an equal opportunity to look and feel their best by enhancing their natural beauty - easily - all in one step as well as  address the growing need for the busy women to have an alternative to the mainstream complicated application of multiple cosmetics, by creating the multi-functioning product to instantly blend away imperfections, eliminate the need for 8 separate products - blush, foundation, eyeshadow, illuminator, concealer,, hi-light, contour, brow color and in 1 shade that self-adjusts to all skin tones, skin types and ages, and eliminates the need to try to choose the right shades,  making shade selection a thing of the past.
One of the fastest growing brands in Canada, USA and International -  Go Natural® hit the ground running when it launched in 1999 across Canada and featured on The TSC - Toronto Shopping Channel, where the response and sales exceeded all expectations, including the shows hosts, buyers and producers and more recently featured and on QVC Shopping Channel in the United States, and national television soon after,  
Go Natural's ® All In One Cosmetic ®, multi-functioning pressed powder became an instant best-seller. Offering a simple one step 20 second, brush and go application and delivering a flawless stunning air brushed finish to all skin tones and types, instantly, Go Natural's “ magic powder ” has revolutionized how women feel about cosmetic applications.
Our products  are manufactured with the strictest of professional standards and of the highest quality ingredients available and manufactures well within FDA and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), CFTC Quality Assurance Guidelines, in compliance with global requirements, custom and multilingual packaging options, animal cruelty free, proudly made in America and sold by licensed beauty professionals, channel, specialty retailers and distributors, worldwide since 1999. 
We wholesale and retail our products as well as exhibit in over 50 Professional Beauty Industry and Consumer trade shows annually in North America - including New York, Las Vegas,  Chicago, New Orleans, Orlando, Memphis, Nashville, Toronto, London, Ottawa, Hamilton, Kitchener, Montreal and more.
With now over 1000 retail, channel, distributors, specialty and independent retailers worldwide and hundreds of thousands of loyal satisfied Go-Natural ® customers.
Established and growing distribution channels From  Canada to USA -UK - Australia - Denmark - Netherlands - Sweden - China - Japan - Korea - and more.
As  seen  on TV >  Turner - Peachtree TV - Lifetime - Women's Network - 10 Years Younger Show  - Cox TV  -
 TSC  The Shopping Channel Toronto Canada, TVSN Australia, QVC Shopping Channel and more.
Go Natural's® Corporate Headquarters, manufacturing and distribution centers are located in both London Ontario Canada and Las Vegas Nevada, and offer direct distribution and service to their Canadian, USA and International  customers, clients and partners.  - A family owned and operated Canadian and USA Corporation - North American Cosmetic firm, with worldwide distribution, since 1999.