At Gonzaga University Online, in addition to a respected degree, you’ll receive something that you can’t simply hang on your wall or add to your resume. You’ll receive an understanding of life that goes beyond your career. A connection to something bigger than will ever fit in your resume. You’ll receive a clear awareness of your place in the world and your responsibility to others – while that part of your education may not ever increase your income, we think you’ll discover that it’s the best investment that you’ve ever made.

Unlike many online universities, Gonzaga University Online enables students to put down roots as part of a 125-year-old, world-changing tradition. As a Zag, each graduate’s degree will be respected and their experience appreciated. No matter where students live and work, they are just seconds away from being connected to their home on campus. That connection remains with each graduate wherever they go and whatever they do in life. Once a student discovers their Inner Zag, they’re a Zag forever.