Author Sid Korpi explains, “The pain of losing a beloved animal companion is unlike any other. However, because our society on the whole discounts our grief as frivolous since we’ve ‘merely lost an animal,’ too many of us feel we must keep silent in our anguish or be labeled somehow defective. Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss ends the misperception that we must suffer in solitary confinement and thus prolong, or stay permanently stuck in, our grief.”

The book melds the author’s personal perspectives and astounding stories with those of professionals (such as veterinarians, animal communicators, and religious leaders) and other animal lovers the world over to help you make the pet-grieving process as positive as possible.

This book covers:
• How to emotionally prepare for a pet’s euthanasia—understanding when it’s time;
• How to take care of yourself while around people who just don’t understand your pain;
• How to view death not as an ending, but (as animals see it) a natural transformation;
• How to memorialize and celebrate your pet’s life; and
• How to move on after your loss and love again.

About the author: Sid Korpi has combined her decades of varied professional experience—as an editor, writer, journalist, English teacher, actor, ordained minister/animal chaplain and member of the Association of Pet Loss and Bereavement—with her lifelong devotion to the animal companions who have blessed and shared her life in creating Good Grief: Finding Peace After Pet Loss. Surviving a “tsunami of loss” in her own life led to her discovery of spiritual truths that brought her strength and facilitated her heart’s healing. She felt compelled to share these things with others who suffer—often in isolation—from the passing on of their very dearest nonhuman friends, their pets.

She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband Anthony Kaczor and their seven animal friends/family members: Blanche, Ambrose, and Keely (Westies); Giles and Xander (cats); and Atticus and Scout (finches).

Contact her through her website: www.goodgriefpetloss.com or at 612-822-0888.

This book is available at bookstores everywhere.