Overtime bedwetting-me.org underwent a major transformation and thus announces a rebrand to goodmorningarabia.tv

In a five-year old child, wetting the bed more than two nights per month is not normal. This shows that the child has a problem - Nocturnal Enuresis, which means accidentally and unconsciously wetting the bed during sleep.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (April 9, 2018)- This new branding took place on this day and therefore reflects the website’s evolution into an all new encompassing branding that sets a mission to help millions of children overcome bedwetting. bedwetting-me.org renders an exciting opportunity for goodmorningarabia.tv to create a huge social media fan following base and support group for a brand that showcases support towards kids battling to end bedwetting.
“Although the rebranding included a top-to-bottom redesign and creation of a new website, logo, graphics, communications and correspondence the primary objective was to maintain the iconic and recognizable mission towards the campaign says, Lovetto Nazareth”.

About Website/Company
goodmorningarabia.tv is a social community of parents, teachers, friends, siblings and relatives of superhero children who share a common problem that is Bedwetting or Nocturnal Enuresis. This social community aims to educate and enlighten parents about the real time causes of the condition and how it can be managed and properly treated.