Good Vapor was established in 2013 to aid the public and introduce a smoke free lifestyle to those who are looking to quit smoking cigarettes or for those who enjoy a "mini hookah" on the go.

Electronic cigarettes are not actual cigarettes- The "e-cig" is a tobacco free device that contains only nicotine, flavoring, and water vapor. They are not subject to any federal or state smoking bans and are useable at anytime and anyplace. They are not harmful or irritant to the body and are designed to help people, save lives, and save the environment.

Avoid smelling like smoke, appease that oral fixation, enjoy great flavors, hang out with friends, and come experience GOOD VAPOR.

"NO BUTTS ALLOWED!" - - - - - - - - - - "ASH TRAY FREE!"

To learn more visit GoodVaporShop.com or stop by the shop and find out what all the hype is about! 5009 HOLLYWOOD BLVD, HOLLYWOOD CA 90027