Every organization makes major investments in its talent regardless of size or business reach. Identifying talent and recruiting the right pool is in itself a challenge; an organization’s success significantly depends on this factor. With the abrupt increase of demand for candidates given the good shape of the job scenario, especially in the IT segment, a concept, called Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is gaining fast momentum. An RPO company is a staffing agency partnering with another staffing firm to undertake the latter’s client’s internal recruitment function for fulfilling a portion or all of its job requirements.

Most staffing organizations based in the USA, UK, UAE, and Australia bank upon India based employment agencies to meet the recruitment requirements of their clients. It is not about hiring talent from India and getting them recruited in companies based in these countries/continents. For the USA, it is hiring talent in USA for companies in the USA. The same process applies with UK, UAE, Australia, and other countries. India RPO companies work offshore, i.e. from their base in India by teaming up with the onsite team of their partner employment agencies based in these countries according to their time zone. In short, the offshore team (across geographical boundaries) is an extension of the onsite team.

Head Field Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is an RPO firm from India, professionally managed by experts who are backed by years of expertise. The firm has maintained a track record of improving its partner agencies’ time to hire the right candidates for their clients, increasing the quality of the candidate pool, providing verifiable metrics, reducing cost of hiring, facilitating negation of governmental compliance otherwise required when setting up office in a foreign land, and related paraphernalia. Head Field has helped staffing organizations based in the USA, UK, UAE, and Australia take the burden out of the talent-hunting process, qualitatively and quantitatively bridging the increasing job gap between demand and supply.
In the words of Mr. Kunal Jaggi, CEO and Founder of Head Field Solutions Pvt. Ltd., “Staffing agencies worldwide rely on recruitment process outsourcing and India RPO companies are the preferred choice given the cost competitiveness factor and the negation of hassles involved in setting up new offices across geographical boundaries.” He adds after a pause with poise, “Partnering with us, many staffing organizations from USA in particular and the UK, UAE, and Australia in general, have achieved greater organizational performance and have enhanced their clients’ businesses. It is a mutually beneficial relationship garnered and maintained. Our partnership is directed towards achieving our partners’ goals and objectives in effectively meeting their clients’ recruitment needs.”
Mr. Jaggi has been instrumental in positioning Head Field Solutions Pvt. Ltd in the world map with focus in the USA as a leading RPO firm from India. Prior to commissioning his entrepreneurial venture in the year 2007, he equipped himself with the dynamics of the RPO segment besides holding managerial and responsible positions in HR, marketing, sales, and operations. Mr. Jaggi has the power to convert opportunities into success, working unstintingly to put Head Field as a leading RPO Company. He has brought radical changes in strategies, redefining the internal systems of his organization, to serve partners with better then the best recruitment services.
Head Field is backed by a robust team of over 150 virtual offshore recruiters, sourcers, business development managers, and job search agents. They are committed to deliver what the partners’ clients exactly specify, adhering to quality and fast delivery. Specialized recruiting areas that Head Field covers include IT of various segments of the industry, permanent staffing, contract staffing, and VMS. Head Field,

•     Undertakes complete responsibility for the partners’ talent acquisition task
•     Helps partners recruit the right top notch talent from a wealth of databases
•     Provides a ready office and team in India who start working once a contract is signed
•     Offshore team works in tandem with the partners’ onsite team according to latter’s time zone
•     Helps partners save money and time, help them witness fast growth and expand their business
•     Delivers value, helping partners get increased return on investment.

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