After we've reviewed your business, we recommend how best you could start showing up in internet searches. Having identified your most important keywords and phrases, we produce web pages optimised for success.

We run a monthly keyword ranking report to identify which keywords are getting ranked by the search engines.

We can be very cost effective and can work alone or in conjunction with your existing website builder on a full or part time basis.

Flexibility counts and we can be very flexible. Sometimes, just getting a second opinion on how you do things can be beneficial and a few minor adjustments and alterations to your website can make a big difference to your results. If all you want is some simple advice or a "Parallel Marketing Campaign" we can do that. If you think things need a complete review and overhaul then it's time to get us involved. Contact us now for a cost estimate

Sometimes, all you need is reassurance that there's nothing else you can do!
Or perhaps you've got it all wrong and need to start again? Probably, you might be somewhere in the middle. I can work with you to develop a structured plan around your web based marketing and help implement it