The name Gordon Lamb is steeped in history. The company's roots go right back to the dawn of the motor industry in the UK.

Back in 1953 a young entrepreneur named Gordon Lamb began trading in Chesterfield, Derbyshire on a site that cost just £400. Gordon was the first person to start a Volkswagen retail dealership in the UK and he began with a stock of just six Volkswagen Beetles. Eleven months later, 100 cars had been sold and so Gordon Lamb, the company, was born.

Today, the Gordon Lamb Group is proud to continue the tradition of being a family run business and is headed by the third generation of the Lamb family; Stephen Lamb. Stephen took over as CEO from his father, Richard Lamb, in 2005. Richard was responsible for the rapid growth in the business throughout the eighties and nineties and still takes an active role today, as Chairman.

At present, the company operates seven new car franchises across Chesterfield and Sheffield as well as a Budget car rental franchise and a local property company. The business currently employs over 230 local people and has an annual turnover in excess of £90 million, selling in excess of 6000 cars and vans a year in addition to servicing circa 30,000 vehicles.