The Goria Corporation, through EnviCor Enterprises LLC, manufactures high quality rotationally molded plastic products in its state-of-the art manufacturing facility in North Carolina. Their premier product, the Firemate fire extinguisher stand, is the gold standard in construction fire safety.

The Premier Construction Fire Extinguisher Stand
The Firemate is reusable, portable and stackable, and is built strong to protect 5-lb, 10-lb and 20-lb fire extinguishers from accidental damage on the jobsite. The bright red color meets OSHA requirements, making fire extinguisher locations easy to remember and find in case of an emergency. With the optional eye wash and first aid stations, Firemate provides an all-in-one safety solution for construction jobsites everywhere.

Made in the USA
Firemate is designed and manufactured in the United States. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in North Carolina supplies a steady stream of stands to distributors who ship to jobsites across the country.

100% Woman Owned Business
Tara Goria, the President and CEO of Goria Corporation, is proud to provide the best construction fire safety solution on the market. Tara guarantees a superior product, prompt service, and has a personal and professional dedication to making construction jobsites safer.