GoTelemarketing.com is on your side. You will see many different advertisements for telemarketing services and telemarketing lists. But you should be aware that not all of these services are the same nor do they work the same. You need to know the differences before you call for lead generation services. Some places will not give you your money’s worth while others are so expensive that they make you cry. Can you find a happy medium for all of these ideas? The answer is yes you can at Senior Marketing. This is a standout service for many different reasons.

These telemarketing services have much more to offer than most others will. They offer fresh leads that have been created daily using a unique database, marketing research and data mining to product the freshest leads possible in all 50 states. These leads are competitively priced and cheaper than most other places. These leads also belong to your agency or agent alone. There is no forced sharing of leads with someone else. These leads are made no more than 24 hours ahead of time for freshness. The customer service representatives and account managers are friendly and know their business like no one else can.

Once an order or inquiry is put into place by this particular telemarketing services, then the email delivery begins and these leads are delivered daily to the email inbox of your choice. This allows freedom of choice when it comes to days and times of the week that your agents will want to work plus it also gives them a good territory to work in. These telemarketing lists are also D.N.C. compliant and are not pulled out of a phone book like other lead generation services. Being D.N.C. compliant is one of the reasons that these services are so trusted.

Another refreshing difference in this particular telemarketing services is that no matter what size order you have, they get it to you quickly and efficiently. Other services require a minimum. There are also no long or short term contracts when it comes to acquiring leads for your agents or agency. This differs from other agencies which will bind you into either a short or long term contract, no matter how good or bad the leads that they produce are. This can cost you both financially and in missed or bad business. The point of the matter is that GoTelemarketing.com doesn’t recycle their leads nor do they pull them from the phone book.

If you are looking for leads in the areas of Medicare or life insurance, you will find all that you need with Senior Marketing. Their friendly staff is ready and able to help you get the business that you want at a price that you can afford. Simply fill out the web form on their site or call them at 1-888-997-7778 for more information or to get started getting leads or telemarketing lists that will work for you. GoTelemarketing.com will put you on the path to not only growing your business but also making that business work for you.