Got It at RCB                               http://www.gotitatrcb.com

Marketing Business Plan for United States and International

Company:  Got It at RCB
Principal of the Company: Lynette Artin, CEO and Founder
Office & Incorporation:  Michigan-- 1922 Carson Street, Lansing MI 48911; Corporate phone-- 313-744-2722

Business Product/Service:
http://www.gotitatrcb.com  provides an e-Store license to our members and non-members, which provide them exclusive use of our e-Stores to market their products and services.

The features and function of the Gotitatrcb.com business includes but is not limited to—

Buying/ Selling, Barter/Trade, Classifieds, Inclusion in a searchable business directory both at the local and International levels,  Conducting Auctions,  Advertising to prospects,  Communicating with Customers, Clients and Prospects through Newsletters, E-mail. Free Domain, Hosting and a Blogging Website, and more.

The Market Considerations:
A.     The Mature market:
Those entities that presently utilize internet stores for conducting business comprise the first market of ready customers and clients. The explanation goes like this-- Individuals and small businesses regularly offer goods and services online. With the RCBViral platform and service, business persons now have a low cost ($20 per month) means of conducting business. This price range invites every business person or entity to sign up for one business centers.  Individuals or business entities that utilize such a service elsewhere are often eager to purchase with RCBViral in order to expand their marketing footprint.  In some cases, individuals with home businesses and brick and mortar businesses will actually choose RCBViral and our e-Store platform to replace what they presently use.
B.     The Emerging market:
Emerging markets include under-resourced areas of the world. The ability to introduce one’s culture, products and services to the world markets is gained through RCBViral. In fact, because of its many features, (see features and functions above) RCBViral is ideal for launching the entrepreneral spirit and actions worldwide. With the economy struggling globally,  accessing the international marketplace is essential.
C.     The Market Potential:
The market potential for the RCB Viral service is limited only by the size of the world’s population. At present, RCBViral and its sister businesses of marketing tools has approximately 15,000.
Already, RCBViral has 3200 business distributors after six weeks. Dramatic growth over the next few months will see RCBViral challenging some of the major players, such as EBay, Overstock.com, Craig’s list, etc.
D.     The Income Opportunity for Members:  

The income to be generated by members who market the RCBViral business opportunity is determined primarily by their own efforts and the efforts of their team of distributors. Secondarily, the income is produced by a patent pending feature wherein the company enters product credit ID’s and product cycling credits into the organization as corporate spill. This remarkable feature ensures distributors of ongoing income.  This corporate spill feature will keep the company growing indefinitely and the distributors prospering.

Generally speaking, those involved and working the business will progress through three or four build structures depending on their entry point. The first completed 2x2 cycler brings a participant $130 dollars.  Beginning with the second time and all succeeding times, members who participate in the commissioned based income will earn $470 each time a 2 x 2 cycle is completed. Once members complete one cycle they automatically advance to higher levels. At the higher levels, their sales along with that of their team, continue to earn them income. Once the three level build is completed, a member/distributor can anticipate having earned approximately $10,000. As each member continues in the business, each can anticipate his/her income growing significantly. The major controlling factor that advances each person’s income is their efforts and that of their team.
E.     Development of the Marketing Team of Distributors:  
The enlistment and training of the sales/marketing distributors will be conducted under the capable leadership of Lynette Artin and many others that have years of experience in Online Marketing. The specifics of the curriculum will be determined on a weekly basis as specific needs among the distributors become evident.

Developing entrepreneurs who understand and do the work of marketing is vital to the advancement of the economy of any country. Furthermore, entrepreneurial leaders who do the work of marketing will become the key community leaders and income producers in the 21st century economy.