GoToCMO believes that marketers today are deprived of the proper training, development and coaching needed to achieve the highest level of business success. Therefore, we exist to provide today’s marketers immediate access to executive advice for all career related questions.

Marketing Questions Answered
As a marketing leader, GoToCMO recognizes that you are being stretched to know everything about your business, competitors, employees and marketing solutions. Reach out in real time to a top C-suite marketer who has the answers you need.

Advice from the Top
Wish you had someone to discuss what is happening at work and in the industry? Find out how you can leverage your skills and behaviors to get ahead with advice from today’s top marketing guru. Typically, access to this level of expertise is only given to senior level executives for a cost of $50,000 or more. Invest in your career at a price you can afford!

The Advancement Plan
Take control of your career advancement. Start working with the GoToCMO to get the proper training needed to secure the position and title you desire. Books, videos or classes aren’t geared to your needs. The GoToCMO will personalize training to match your achievement goals.

Introducing the GoToCMO
Gail Galuppo is a high energy and passionate global marketing guru who enjoys solving complex business problems to drive organic growth. She founded GoToCMO after serving as Chief Marketing Officer for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

Gail is seen as an expert in business strategy, innovation, transformation, consumer experience, product development, go-to-market planning, media, e-commerce, mobile and social platforms, and brand management. She was ranked as one of the “Top 10 Most Influential CMOs Who Are Also Moms”, has worked in the US and Asia, and her global experience covers over 200 countries and territories. She is an inventor with 11 patents and is passionate about driving innovation in marketing.