The Gottesman Company was established in 1985 and is one of the world’s largest networks of M&A Brokers, specializing in finding Buyers for Sellers and Sellers for Buyers.  Rated A+ by America’s Better Business Bureau, the company is also a member of IBBA (International Business Brokers Association), M&A Source, and ACG (Association for Corporate Growth).

The Company was founded by Eugene Gottesman, Lifetime CBI, and Chairman. (CBI is Certified Business Intermediary by the IBBA; there are only 600 CBIs in the U.S., of whom fewer than 20 are “Lifetime” CBIs.)  Mr. Gottesman was formerly President and Founder of New York Yellow Pages, Inc., which was sold in 1985 to Southwestern Bell Telephone Company (now AT&T).

Gottesman Company has over 30 years of business experience specializing in the Mergers & Acquisitions of businesses in the lower mid-market arena, are industry agnostic, and work across all sectors, including manufacturing, distribution, service firms, aerospace, communications, transportation, and healthcare.

Their Brokers are experienced professionals who have diverse backgrounds as business owners, C-level executives, lawyers, accountants, and banking professionals.  

Gottesman are different from conventional Business Brokers and do not represent either the buyer or the seller as a fiduciary agent and operates as a network of independent M&A Business Brokers, one of the largest such firms operating globally. Gottesman arranges for the initial introduction and only earns a fee when there is a successful transaction.  It charges no retainers or fees.