Salt Lake City, UT: On 2/26/16 we launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to create our web tool. We believe that we need more facts in our national political dialog. We have far too many voices on both sides of the aisle spreading misinformation and half-truths about issues that impact us all, for the singular purpose of swaying public opinion for the benefit of a select few. We need to make transparency easy and accessible to hold our government accountable.

We are setting up a non-partisan web tool that will make it quick and easy to look up data about a politician, candidate or any government issue that might be important to our users. We are doing this by aggregating as many public records as possible into a database and by accessing existing government record APIs.

This web tool will also allow users to:
•     Look up this data, analyze it and display it, along with user input, on their Govermouse profile or post it to other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter.
•     Look up a politician's campaign contributions as easily as looking up an actor’s filmography on IMDB. Easily cross-reference that data with their voting records corresponding with issues related to their donors to see whose best interest they really have in mind.
•     Easily match up their voting record on issues users care about to their position on those issues. Determine how closely they represent user’s interests and how closely what they say is to what they actually do.
•     Take part in the proud tradition of poking fun at our nation's leaders. Easily create political cartoons, using predefined or user-created art, about candidates and politicians along with their insights. Easily post these cartoons to their profile and other social media apps.

About Govermouse, Inc.: Govermouse, Inc is a Salt Lake City, UT based non-partisan tech startup, founded in 2015, aimed at making it as easy to look up data about our government and the people that run it as it is to look up information about television shows and movies on IMDB.