A Health Marketing business for the Global Providers of health Services link (GPS Healthlink). The Health link brings together Ptients, Health Professionals, clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, Health care companies, government health agencies and charitable organisations.

Patients will be able to know more about the health network, the relationship between providers, get regular updates from various providers and find a doctor or specialist. The Health care providers and their institutions have a variety of ways to publicise their services depending on the type of listing, from simple links and hours of business to full websites. They are able to advertise their products and services. Health care companies such as Pharmaceutical and device manufacturers have a platform to reach out to both professionals and patients and are able to release press statements, launch new products and advertise their products. Government agencies can bublicise information on emergency services, their health institutions and their current policies including health promotion strategies. Charitable orgainizations can conduct their promotions and attract donations on this meeting point.

GPS Health link operates through an internet based marketing site and has marketing consultants taking up various specific assignments . It designs and implements marketing campaigns throughout all available media and has a presence on the social networks.

The vision for the business is to be the largest company promotin the health and welfare of all stakeholders in health globally. Our goal are to create a link between all health stakeholders for the benefit of all who are involved in healthcare.

Our values are based on the patient as a human being or any other living being that has both physical and mental needs during the states of good and bad health. We view the Doctor, GP, specialist or any other health professional as an agent who addresses the needs of that patient, supported by their knowledge, skills and expertise. Healthcare companies provide the tools, armour and ammunition by which healthcare professionals, clinics and hospitals address the needs of the patient. International Health bodies, Governments and charity organisations set the standards and create a frame work in which health care professionals and healthcare companies deliver health care to meet the needs of the patient.

For further information please contact us on admin@gpshealthlink.com and visit our website on http://gpshealthlink.com.