Thank you to all the supporters of the amazing work God is inspiring us to do for mankind

Publisher and  author   Chinyere  Nwakanma has thanked all her fans for the outpouring messages  of goodwill and support  that she received in the last few weeks from across the world , after the release of her book on Corona Virus for kids.She expressed that the overwhelming messages that people from across the globe have been sending her made her to understand that there is no impossibility to them that believe. According to her she may not have the  time to reply all the messages but she sends her love to everyone who tried to contact her,affirming  that she is grateful and will be in touch.She used  this medium to ask all her fans to expect more of her books and that of her writers as they continue to encourage people to embrace the culture of  reading books. Acccording to her " Ignorance is always afraid of change". You can only discover the real you if you try, but if you do not try there maybe a lot of hidden potentials that lie within you untapped. According to her the new edition of her book The Mother Hen and the Hawks-A Story my mother told me  by Chinyere Nwakanma  is printed and out  and can be ordered  as  an ebook and paperback  amazon.com  or amazon.co.uk


The book comes as a well illustrated picture book ,which children will love to read during this lockdown. She encourages all parents  to buy downloads of this book .According to her children grow up remembering the good books their parents gave them .According to her, she developed the love of writing because she always loved the good books she read as a kid. And education is key to success through the mercy of God. She also visited a book which her young children created at very young ages, as a way of inspiring other children not to relent in opening their picture books as this will always help in their cognitive development-The Santa who did not Get a Gift at Christmas .She also used  this medium to thank all the authors writing with her  for every contributions they are making to the world.She also used this medium to encourage Haringey residents  London U.K to embrace the culture of reading books, as the borough have good libraries with books that can enlighten every  mind.She also asked her fans to watch out for the release of the debut paper edition of GRACEFUL Magazine, which she has been working on .