Graceful Hands is a non-profit 501 (c)3 organization formed to provide assistance with housing, food, transportation, and social services to participants in on-the-job training as independent sales and customer’s service representatives.

Those most affected by today’s flailing economy are people who have limited education, very low to no income come, hard to employ, and seemingly unemployable in the traditional workplace. Unfortunately, job creation creeps at a pace slower than the needs of these residents and their families. Fortunately, careers in sales and customer service are always in demand and offer unlimited earning potential requiring minimal formal education, but evolving communication skills.

Graceful Hands works closely with several for-profit business organizations that specialize in recruiting and training agents from underserved communities for on-the-job direct sales careers which pay 100% commission. We assist with rooming, meals, personal grooming, and uniform costs to enable agents to build a sustainable sales income. In addition, we are partnering with social organizations to provide a myriad of services to strengthen and increase their mental, physical, social, and economic health.

Graceful Hands was born out of a promise made, to make a difference in the lives of those who have been underrepresented, forgotten and sometimes written off by society and to improve the quality of lives in at-risk individuals. It began with the belief that kindness and compassion are the small things that can still a huge difference, and with the help of an incredibly supportive community. I am extremely proud to announce that we launched a well-needed foundation that will provide much more than just financial support and resources, but the life resources that help grow and develop men and women into the best individuals they can be.

None of this could have been possible without the generosity and ongoing support of so many others. We have lost too many wonderful people to stress and the belief that they cannot overcome challenges and turn around their circumstances. There are too many people who still experience the pain and sorrow of life-altering issues including financial issues, depression, broken households and other issues that often lead to a feeling of unworthiness or sometimes lead to destructive or fatal outcomes. On behalf of all of us at Graceful Hands, we thank you for your support of our mission and for sharing our dream.