Graci In the Kitchen is a cooking show starring New Zealand Chef Graci Kim, filmed and operated out of Taipei, Taiwan, with a fan base of thousands in the US, New Zealand, East Asia, and the rest of the world.

Each recipe and episode from Graci focuses on a mood based cooking, tailoring a recipe with a song, quote, and picture to feed the soul, the mind, and the eyes, in addition to the body.

From Graci:

Do you love to eat?

I love to eat. I was born to eat.

In fact, I believe I was put on this earth for the purpose of finding, making, and eating really yummy things.

Now, whether you believe we live to eat, or eat to live – you have to admit we do this eating thing a LOT – like every day, even!

And one day, I had a food epiphany… Why not better understand the way food feeds our bodies?

Did you know that some food can cheer you up when you’re feeling down, and some food can relax you when you’re feeling anxious? Understanding how food can feed your BODY is an awesome part of eating.

And then I thought – if we’re feeding our bodies, what about our MINDS? And what better way to do that than to consume quotes that open & stretch our ways of thinking.

And then I thought – if we’re feeding our bodies and our minds, what about our SOULS?

And of course, music is food for the soul.

So here it is – tadaaa…

Mood-Based Recipes!

Every episode we’ll focus on a mood, and then explore a recipe, song, and a quote or two designed for when we feel this way. That way, we feed our minds, bodies, and souls.
Happy Eating My Friends!