Entrepreneur magazine says “Self Defense is big business.” Now anyone can become a professional self-defense instructor at SelfDefenseBusiness.com. SelfDefenseBusiness.com is the online certification program for the Cobra-Defense System created by Chris Sutton of Clearwater, FL.

Sutton drew upon his decades of tactical training as a maximum security guard, Largo, FL street cop, Pinellas County Sheriff, and black belt to create Cobra-Defense as a law enforcement based self-defense program for civilians.

The certification program will teach students how market and teach a law enforcement based Police Academy for Civilians. Graduates can become professional self-defense instructors.

Students are not required to have a law enforcement or a martial arts background. All techniques, drills and scenarios have to be easy to learn or they wouldn’t work in a real self defense encounter. These are large motor skill movements that are easy to learn and execute.

In addition to learning the Cobra-Defense system, the program also provides students with Lesson Plans, Marketing Plans, Media Releases, Student Manuals, Banners, and a Professionally Designed Website.
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