Granite Rocx is an outdoor company started in 2013.  The design is one of the most unique, versatile backpack & cooler systems in the market today.  The backpacks are designed to carry any type or size folding chair, or other piece of equipment and have a 12 can, insulated cooler that can detach from the backpack to be used by itself if desired.  

The concept was derived from a need the owner had while biking to the beach one day in Lake Tahoe, CA.  He needed a hands free way to get their beach chair, beach accessories, and drink/food in cold storage to the beach.  

The backpacks are standard backpacks, so they can be used to go to the gym, school, etc, but include a back compartment that opens to hold any type or size folding chair, or other piece of equipment; the cooler can be used by itself or attached to the backpack to keep hands free when in travel.  The backpacks & coolers are great for beach trips, day hikes, fishing trips, tailgates, or any other day event where travel and carrying are necessary.