Founded in April 2015, Granny's Confections LLC was created with two partners, Robert Page, Chief Executive Officer and Patrick Taylor, Chief Operating Officer.  Below is our story.  

One day I was visiting my granny.  We were talking about old times and how some things have changed.  We began to talk about how every time I would come over to visit, she would always have something sweet made especially for me.

The conversation was always great, but the absolute best was the confections.  Granny always knew exactly how to make me feel special.

I remember asking her how to make some of my favorite confections.  She said it was a secret, but that I was her favorite and she would teach me everything, but with one condition.  I was not allowed to tell anyone else what I had learned... To this day I have kept the secrets.

So, into the kitchen we headed.  I took lots of notes and listened to countless hours of stories about her baking and how everyone always said it was the best thing they had ever eaten.  

When it came time for me to try to make some of my favorites, granny was right there to tell me how I was doing it all wrong.  There seemed to be a lot of ways to save time and make things faster, but she made it clear that even though there may be faster ways to do things, it is always better to do things slowly and with love.  I thought she was not willing to embrace the modern time.

I gave in and did it exactly like she showed me.  I realized by the end of the day how much my granny really loved me.  I was exhausted, I was hot and my legs hurt.  I can only imagine how she felt.  That made me really appreciate all she had done for me in the past and even more for what she was doing now.

I began making some of my favorites at home and taking them to work and church.  People could not stop raving about how awesome it tasted and that is was not like anything they had ever eaten.

They all ask the same question...  What is the secret?  

All I can tell you is that Granny said:

*  Never cut corners
*  Use quality ingredients
*  Put love in everything you do

We ship all orders Priority Mail or FedEx Home Delivery.
All orders are handmade and packed by hand

Our brittle makes an amazing birthday present and anniversary present.  We also are perfect for weddings, corporate events and employee retention.