Gravity Magazine is the female reincarnation of every action sports publication ever made. Well, maybe not in the literal sense, but we dream big.

Our website is custom-built for those athletes who do not merely throw, catch or kick balls. It’s for those who jump off cliffs, scale rocks, shred powder, ride waves and grind pavement. We are compelled–in the face of an ever growing female presence–to shed light on an overshadowed segment of action sports: Women!

Not because boys are less badass than girls, or because “women can do it too,” but because women have been doing it, are doing it, and will continue to do it; they just haven’t received the proper media coverage–until now. Gravity Magazine highlights women in every faction of the extreme sports world: amateurs, professionals, artists, photographers, publishers, instructors, and everyone in between. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit publication, we are committed to the representation, empowerment and support of women in all action sports through features, videos, photos and more.