The Grazing Grill is a whole new way to eat, drink and be merry. No more standing at the bbq alone while everyone else has fun.

What makes Grazing Grill so unique?  In a word: Design.

We put all of our wants, wishes and best thinking into a one-of-a-kind backyard party hot-spot.  

From the hand-brushed aluminum frame to the hand-stained and treated wood tops, Grazing Grill is unique, fun and a work of art.

Each Grazing Grill comes fully equipped with:
- Innovative, integrated grill-table
- Center wood top for when cooking grates are not in use
- Two benches offering seating for 4-6
- Dual removable beverage bins
- Stylish propane storage cabinet
- All-weather snug-fit covers for table and benches

Born in Las Vegas, Made in the USA

We figured it was about time to give Las Vegas something new to be known for.

Sure, we've got amazing entertainment and resorts that will blow your mind. But as locals living in one of the greatest cities on earth, we spend most of our time just like you - with friends and family.

That's why we created the Grazing Grill. We believe life is better when it's shared with the ones you love.

We also think that nothing beats American ingenuity and quality, which is why we build each Grazing Grill right here in Clark County, Nevada.

Meet the Chief Designer

Ryan Ingram is a third-generation steel worker whose passion is bringing imagination to life with inspired creation.

From free-floating steel staircases in modern homes to sculptural works of art, Ryan is in a class of artisans that is unique in this day and age of mass-production.

As Chief Designer, he obsesses over perfection while managing the build of each and every Grazing Grill that leaves our shop.

Meet the Chief Officer

James Cass has lived in Las Vegas for more than 35 years, and is proud to call the desert home.

He started his career in the banking industry, but got hooked on being an entrepreneur when he co-founded the award-winning Las Vegas Wedding Wagon in 2012. He learned quickly that mastering creative, niche-filling ideas can be a blueprint for success.

As Chief Officer of the Grazing Grill, James focuses on sales, marketing and customer service. He also feeds the company mascot, Grillin' Gus.

Meet Our Mascot

Grillin' Gus was born - where else - in "Cowafornia." But he couldn't stand the traffic. So he sought greener pastures...

In Vegas (ironically)! And he brought with him an appetite for good food and good fun. But he was sad. The only grills he could find were stand-alone appliances. Lonely places where the tumbleweeds were his only friend.

Gus thought "There must be a better way."  And the Grazing Grill was born...

Now, Gus can invite his barnyard pals to pull up a seat right to the edge of the grill, cook their grub to order and wash it all down with an icy drink - without barely having to move a hoof!

Backyard barbecues will never be the same. And Grillin' Gus thinks you'll agree when he says...

"Don't Grill Alone!"

Each Grazing Grill and Grazing Table is hand-built to order and ships in 3-4 weeks. You get to choose the metal and wood finishes before we go to work!