Sword Achiever delivers an integrated risk and compliance software platform that is flexible to unique business challenges, quick to implement and drives real business value.

Today there are many legislative, regulatory and best-practice standards affecting organisations and the number and complexity of these requirements is forecast to increase. Organisations need a system which will ensure that they both comply with the latest standards and can easily incorporate new demands at any time.

Across the globe and in multiple verticals our customers rely on our solutions to meet these ever increasing regulatory demands today and safeguard against the threat of future risks tomorrow, ensuring sustained growth across their organisation.
To control compliance processes, executive dashboards deliver reliable, relevant information to be viewed at a Group, site or functional level. Simple, clear reports allow management to easily view any compliance issues and drill down to view route causes.

Automatic alerts ensure that the right person has the right information at the right time to resolve any issues before they impact on the business bottom line. All this within a single integrated system providing simple role-based access, fast user take-up and effective transparency and control across the organization.

Through their extensive experience, our consultants will also help you along your journey to ensure that you gain real business benefits from our software in the quickest time possible. From matching solutions to your tailored needs to ensuring users are trained and communicated with effectively, we will help break through common barriers and ensure the smoothest implementation possible.