Amy Morris founder of Great Health Naturally, has helped many people in her time to achieve true wellness naturally without the use of conventional medicine, or fad diets and even fad natural health trends. But natural nutrition being a complementary therapy is safe to use alongside conventional medicine and other conventional therapies and natural therapies, as it is very gentle.

Amy has helped many people get back in control of their health and some of these include helping clients to lose weight, conceive naturally, and to reduce symptoms of on-going chronic health problems. Amy truly believes the only person who knows what they need is them.
By listening to a client and through giving the client options with diet and supportive naturopathic techniques, is how a client starts to learn about what may help their body and to help them manage symptoms. In some cases, some clients have got completely well again through application of natural nutrition which can activate the bodies healing mechanisms if given the right tools, and at the right time.

For more information on how to book a consultation with Amy or to contact Amy directly for health advice please visit her website. The consultations can be done face to face, telephonically or via Skype.