Mission Statement: Great Productions is an art and entertainment production company designed to stimulate the art and entertainment industry through a multi-level interaction process while simultaneously sustaining itself and its environment, in order to facilitate a positive and symbiotic relationship between the entertainment field and its surrounding community.

Great Productions is an independent record label appealing to various genres in the music entertainment industry. GP has the capabilities to promote and distribute its own merchandise, music, and entertainment products including music, video, and written press. The versatility and completeness of Great Productions is revolutionary to the music industry and allows Great Productions to foster continuous growth of itself and the community surrounding it.

Great Productions offers pre-record sound production, recording, and post recording sound editing for all musical genres.  We specialize  in promotional services such as the production and duplication of press kits, Internet and street marketing, visual advertisement, and show booking.  GP also has the capabilities to handle the most common management needs, including production, consultation, publishing and copyright management. Great Productions provides other common necessities for professional and amateur musicians, artists, and writers via instructional lessons and coaching, photography, graphic design, duplication, type editing, and image consulting.  We have over 30 years combined experience in event planning services including budgetary, catering, photo/video services, and DJ and live entertainment services.

Great Productions also provides resources to assist in community awareness projects.  Great Productions works in conjunction with various other community organizations to provide the community with programs for at-risk youth prevention and assistance to benefit the underprivileged and disabled.