At Great Worqs we want to make the lives of filmmakers and creatives easier. We want to break down barriers which they often face in the industry, so that the chances of them achieving their dreams are much more realistic. We do this by carrying out a number of different functions and features which work coherently with each other.

These features are:

Great Library – Great Library is the part of the Great Worqs platform, which allows filmmakers to showcase their films, which appear on their profiles. By displaying their films on the Great Worqs library, independent film enthusiasts are able to easily access these films and either watch them for a fee or free. The majority of short films on GW are free.
At the same time filmmakers are able to showcase their treatments of films on the platform, which can be viewed by the audience on GW. These treatments (short stories/ synopsis’) can be accompanied by screenplays, which can also be sold, on the platform.

Great Places – Great places is the part of the platform, which allows users on the platform to see where members around the world have taken a picture of themselves using the Great Worqs platform.

Great People – Great people is an aspect of the Great Worqs site which allows filmmakers from all over the world to showcase films and stories (treatments), while connecting with like-minded filmmakers and creatives. When filmmakers upload their films they appear not only on their profiles but also in the Great Worqs library where a vast audience views them.