Green Collar Technologies is a federally recognized, 501c3 non-profit corporation registered to do business in Hawai‘i. We envision a global model of sustainability and abundance in Hawai‘i.

We continually improve and deliver our educational initiatives to inspire longterm partnerships. Together we are creating a eco-conscious, globally-competitive, local workforce.

Our home office is in the forest in Mountain View, Hawaii.

We teach in a classroom and meet with clients at:
Hawaii Innovation Center at Hilo
117 Keawe Street, #132
Hilo, Hawaii 96720
aloha (at) greencollartech.com

Our initiatives help anyone learn self-reliance and how to live a more sustainable life while helping our communities innovate and build greener economies.

Green Collar Technologies supports local communities as well as state and national efforts which;

Help folks learn how to live more sustainable lives.
Support local food efforts including gardening and cooking.
Raise awareness to the benefits of a clean and abundant water supply.
Educate and support other non-profit organizations in Hawai‘i.
Develop and strengthen of Hawai‘i’s digital economies.
Help shift perceptions in sustainability by providing examples of digital technologies which enable green collar technology workers to compete in a global economy.
Establish longterm partnerships to help Hawai‘i governments increase transparency and reduce costs by using digital and knowledge-based systems.
Help businesses convert paper-based processes into digital / paperless processes.
Support and encourage technologies which improve workers abilities to function, improve and compete in a global workforce.
With your help we’ll succeed at establishing a global model of sustainability and abundance in Hawai‘i.

Learn more: Green Collar Technologies Focus | Green Collar Technologies http://greencollartech.com/our-focus-mission#ixzz1fhMmxf6q
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