St. Louis, Missouri- Green Stream is pleased to announce that they have opened up a new e-commerce website, greenstream-ppe.com.  Green Stream Chemicals and Soaps is a one stop shop for all things industrial cleaning. At Green Stream, their two biggest priorities are customer satisfaction and preserving the environment.  They offer a wide range of industrial cleaning products, all of which provide cost efficient, green alternatives to current products on the market.  Their products include:

Heavy-duty work gloves
Industrial hand soaps
mop heads
Microfiber wipers
shop towels
oil absorbent materials (absorbent socks, polypropylene mats, quilted mats)

In 2010, Green Stream Chemicals and Soaps came to life through the direction of sister company Closed Loop Recycling’s CEO Rick Marchbanks. Pulling from nearly two decades of experience within the industrial field, Marchbanks has lead in the creation and production of more environmentally sound products. Through this vision Green Stream has launched into a company that strongly believes in reusing and recycling. While remaining aware of trends in technology, Green Stream is opening their doors to the online community. By launching their new e-commerce website, Green Stream is excited to provide green conscious products to the public on a larger scale.  

With this new launch, Green Stream Chemicals and Soaps LLC provides the simplest and cost effective method for industrial product orders. With a simple click clients are on the fast track to a higher quality of product, without worrying about any potential environmental impact said products manifest.

The Green Stream difference lies in a strong commitment to providing businesses with environmentally friendly options for industrial cleaning that save their clients money. The staff has dedicated their careers to ensure that they’re doing the best for both Mother Nature and for businesses.