We believe a taxi service should give reliable and accurate wait times, keep the wait times as low as possible, and have high quality professional & courteous drivers. That's why we're the fastest, most reliable, and cheap taxi service in the Tri-States.

We envisioned the taxi Dubuque deserves where people can have access to a cab that arrives quickly and on time every time and people could know they can depend on their ride arriving when they need it.

Every ride is a chance for us to connect and create a positive experience for all of our customers in the Tri-States area, through our commitment to providing the highest quality taxi service, and through the great customer service skills of our drivers.

Since October 15, 2011, every ride we have given has brought us closer to making that dream a reality, and making Dubuque an easier and more affordable place to get around in -- and, with the introduction of hybrid vehicles to our fleet, a cleaner environment too.