In 2007, Will Bradshaw and Reuben Teague founded Green Coast Enterprises, a company that develops real estate and provides real estate services to the Southeastern United States, focusing on urban and coastal areas in need of community renewal. Realizing that traditional real estate practices were not sufficient to meet the challenges faced in these areas, they set out to reshape the approach to infrastructure development in the region. The company develops to increase the durability and resilience of buildings and building systems while promoting unity and prosperity within local communities.

In 2014, Greta Garner partnered with Green Coast Enterprises principals Will Bradshaw and Lex Kelso to develop an in-house real estate brokerage, Green Coast Realty. The company oversees the property management and tenancy of each of Green Coast Enterprises’ buildings, as well as the real estate sales of properties in the greater New Orleans region. Green Coast Realty is principally staffed by Broker Greta Garner and Broker/Associate Cheryl Timmins, who bring decades of experience to the company. Their aim is to personalize the buying or leasing experience for each of their clients, matching them with real estate optimized for energy efficiency, economic performance, and community connectivity.

A Stage 3 Certified Green Business and Advanced Business Member of LifeCity, we pursue the triple bottom line of “people, planet, and profit,” striving to increase economic vitality, environmental health, and social opportunity through development. We strive to green our internal operations and devel0pment projects, as well as those of our clients, through both this partnership and our in-house expertise.