We are an organization providing energy efficiency solutions, primarily to large energy consumers and residential customers.
Fulfill our client needs as they pertain to energy solutions.   Our primary mission is to assist our clients to reduce their energy costs and lower their carbon footprint one solution at a time.
•     Lighting efficiency products and lighting retrofits.
•     Motor controls
•     Day lighting solutions
•     Products that lower amperages of inductive loads.
•     Monitoring energy efficiency products
•     Solar-> residential and commercial
•     Solar Emergency Response Units
•     Solar EV charging stations
•     Solar Bus shelters
•     HVAC efficiencies
•     Synthetic turf and pervious pavers
•     Energy solutions which reduce the carbon footprint.
We provide onsite energy audits, based on energy consumption and make the appropriate recommendations of products which ultimately fulfill client objectives, ROI goals .  We work with our clients to identify available utility rebates and if requested apply for those rebates to offset install costs of energy solutions.