GreenDegreeDirectory.com is a leading source for green educational programs in the U.S. and abroad, currently listing over a thousand green related educational programs including workshops, online and on campus courses and degrees. Started in 2010, GreenDegreeDirectory.com has continued to provide educational program listing that teach principles in enhancing social and environmental equity in an easy to use online platform. 2011 marks the One Year Anniversary of GreenDegreeDirectory.com, which developed from two students studying Sustainable Management at the University of Wisconsin - River Falls. GreenDegreeDirectory.com welcomes non-corporate sponsorship and partnership opportunities.

GreenDegreeDirectory.com defines "green education" in a holistic way, encompassing all education that seeks to increase social and environmental equity, justice, and increased well-being for humans and the earth alike. GreenDegreeDirectory.com is a student-driven, for-profit LLC.