Year founded: 2008
Number of employees: 1 Full-time, 7-10 seasonal sub-contractors

Green Edventures is a carbon-neutral eco-adventure program which helps to protect people, places and ecosystems. Each program in Alaska and Baja, Mexico supports indigenous people and local conservation projects. Green Edventures hosts teacher-led school groups and individual student travelers ages 12-19, and upon request provides programs for college groups and adult learners. Find Green Edventures online at www.greenedventures.com, www.Facebook.com/GoGreenEdventures or @GreenEdventures on Twitter.

Green Ethic:
Green Edventures focus on the three “E” values: education, environment, and empowerment to inspire people to become active environmental citizens. Each of our adventure programs give participants hands-on field experience in conservation whether it be fish counts in Baja or invasive plant species removal in Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska. Our programs are carbon-neutral, leave-no-trace, and directly support local people by hiring them as guides and other services. In 2010 we are providing scholarships and/or providing the opportunity for indigenous kids in Alaska and Mexico to participate in local environmental education programs.