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Having a well written resume is critical in controlling the image you present to employers. We have designed a service to hone in on your achievements, not just your tasks. We take the time to get to know your qualifications and what you are reaching for. This means your new resume will reflect all that you have to offer a potential employer. Human Resource Managers, Recruiters and Employers spend less than 15 seconds reviewing potential candidates' resumes. Our resume writing service will make sure your resume includes the right keywords and design companies are choosing. Our creative writing style and dedication to your success will give your resume the competitive edge it deserves. Our services offer flexible writing options to meet the needs of all job seekers. We stand behind the quality of our resumes and strive to maintain a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

My name is Katie Geoffrion and I am a resume writer and the founder of greenerResume. As an experienced resume writer and editor having worked with a variety of individuals and wearing many hats myself, I understand just how hard the job search process can be. I have designed a resume writing service that will capture your experience, showcase who you are and shine above the competition. I take pride in my work offering flexible writing options to meet the needs of all job seekers and strive to offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Resume Writing is not something that I can do alone. Having a GREAT TEAM allows us to guarantee you will be matched with a resume writer that meets your background and needs. No two individuals are alike which means no two resumes should be alike. I take pride in the fact that I play a key role in every resume produced by greenerResume which means I either am personally working on your resume or I am working with your resume writer editing and reviewing all resumes before you receive your document. We take pride in the fact that each and every resume written by greenerResume is hand crafted, personalized and reviewed by a professional team.  My dedication to your success will give your resume the competitiveness it deserves!  


Katie Geoffrion, PHR