greeNEWit is a comprehensive energy solutions firm that streamlines projects for residential, commercial and government clients. By utilizing the latest technology to diagnose inefficiencies in building infrastructures, we are able to provide our customers with a prioritized report of economical solutions to drastically reduce energy consumption and cost; fostering a healthier lifestyle and safer environment. We work to obtain the best value for our clients with coordinated management and sustainable support.

Our mission is to provide quality efficiency solutions while creating an ever-expanding social footprint through our efforts to bring talented people together to solve global issues. greeNEWit was founded on the belief that through collaboration we may innovate. It is this guiding principle that allows us to inspire positive actions and implement solutions that demand less energy to enhance lives, save the environment and address our world’s most pressing communal needs.

greeNEWit is committed to creating new solutions for life's challenges by involving the community to support continued education, humanitarian advancement and economic development. We stand to empower positive action through heightened awareness of greater efficiencies to preserve life, energy and planet!

We recognize the dire need for the implementation of proposed energy reduction programs that offer a standardized method of performing quality energy audits with comprehensive management. greeNEWit’s principle service in the residential sector is driven by our passion for efficiency, energy conservation and saving the planet. greeNEWit acts as consultants to builders, contractors and homeowners to provide the most cost-effective energy audits.

In addition to providing energy efficient solutions for residential, commercial and government clients, greeNEWit provides a premium software product to the home performance industry. The software combines economical workflow protocols with on-site training, quality assurance and a knowledge base from contractors with more than 25 years experience in the field.

gREATESST is a web-based business processing system with offline capabilities that uses state of the art technology to ensure customers receive a fully comprehensive energy audit. This system maximizes energy reduction, increases return on investments, streamlines efficiency and improves business communication.

Through creation of task and communication automation within existing business structures, the proprietary system increases efficiency and reduces expenses of all involved parties while reducing the necessary investment of both private and public monies to facilitate successful home performance programs. gREATESST currently integrates with diverse software platforms that exist under various utility, state and federal home performance programs.

While we are staying busy performing our residential energy audits and developing our software platform, we are also adding to our resume of past performance in both the government and commercial sectors. greeNEWit Government Contracting, LLC is a minority owned small business comprised of a team of experienced contractors and engineers dedicated to expanding our energy solutions to government facilities and commercial buildings. Members of the gGC team have worked as senior managers on projects like the Washington D.C. Convention Center, Washington Nationals Major League Ball Park and the Department of Transportation Headquarters.

Our team is certified to provide energy analysis, project management/coordination, commissioning, remote facility energy management, LEED® certification and consulting services. gGC coordinates the process of installing all needed products for any given facility. gGC has worked with SCORE, partnered with various Veterans Disabled organizations and is developing strategic partnerships with 8a companies to start winning federal contracts.