Developed in 2009, Green Fit is the brain child of a married physical therapy team.  Looking to eat “greener and cleaner” after dealing with serious health challenges, they knew they needed to change their eating habits. John began rising at dawn to blend fresh vegetables, herbs and vitamins into “green health drinks” for the two of them.
Inspired by the benefits they felt form these drinks, they began improving the blends by adding protein, green super herbs, omegas 3 & 6, and 100% natural energy boosters. They soon discovered that they had created a nutritional beverage that can be used by those  who don’t have the time to concoct drinks in the early morning hours, or those looking for ways to manage their weight in a healthy and safe manner, as well as those who wanted a pre or post workout pick-me-up minus the jittery jolt.
Green Fit provides a healthful alternative to the sugar laden, chemical filled sports, weight loss, and other functional drinks that fill the shelves!
It may just be the world’s healthiest functional drink.