Real Green Cleaning is a Earth and health focused carpet and office cleaning company based out of Indianapolis.  In our carpet cleaning, we use a fast drying/ low moisture system.  This allows for less of an impact on the Earth while allowing the carpet to be dry in about an hour.  The carpet cleaning solutions are family safe and do not release toxic fumes like most major carpet cleaning companies.  Our process is also very effective in cleaning the difficult commercial carpets that are in many buildings.  Because our system dries the carpet so fast, there is never a worry about stains coming back.  This is a major issue in traditional steam cleaners.  The part of the carpet cleaning that is best received is that as an owner/operator you never have to deal with a sub or a commissioned employee.  The office cleaning side of the business uses all Green Seal certified cleaning solutions.  The cleaners are largely scent free and do an excellent job knocking out old water stains and built up dirt.  All of our vacuums are HEPA filtered and under 69 decibels so the cleaning experience is quiet.  We start and maintain recycling programs.  We also offer paperless billing to limit our waste.