Call me to learn how to preserve your wealth from generation to generation. Failing to plan is planning to fail especially when it comes to your life savings and the hard work you put in throughout your life to attain what you have. Without a proper estate plan in place, you risk your heirs' futures, risk giving Uncle Sam your property when it could be avoided, risk depleting your assets due to lawyer fees and court costs, and causing undue delay, headache, and heartbreak for your survivors. Remember, if you do not make a plan, the states of Texas and New Mexico have made one for you. Rarely do the state's wishes match what you want.

EVERY person over the age of 18 needs to have, at minimum, the following documents in place BEFORE something happens:  

1. Will/Trust;
2. Powers of Attorney for Healthcare and Finances;
3. Living Will;
4. HIPAA Release and Authorization; AND
5. Declaration of Guardian in the Event the Need Later Arises.

I have been helping folks just like you create a plan that will follow their wishes, provide for the orderly administration of their estates, and reduce or eliminate unnecessary taxes, court costs, and lawyers fees. I am licensed to practice in all courts in Texas and New Mexico and have helped hundreds of people throughout both states. It is my intention to help people avoid the costs, delay, and publicity of court proceedings in multiple areas of the law.

Specialties: Estate planning, wills, trusts, probate, and corporate/financial planning, retirement planning, insurance, and investments.