GreenLight Contact is different: A modern, technology-driven marketing agency, developed through the undeniable necessity for clear and concise sales material, to be directly delivered to key client sectors in a results orientated fashion.

As an in-house operation, this type of investment can be difficult to extract but, by delivering through a proven external partner, clients can see real results quickly and secure future project investment.

We provide the following services to new and existing clients; creating excellent opportunities for Sales Lead Generation:

•     Communications Strategy
•     Customer Relationship Opportunities
•     Customer Interaction Events
•     Data/Contact Development

These services ensure that clients receive the proactive benefits of an external partner, whilst increasing manpower on key projects without incurring in-house overheads.

At GreenLight Contact we take the time to understand our customers and this makes our team easy to do business with.

We offer an exceptional portofilo of results orientated services which streamlines the Sales and Marketing process, improves customer service, loyalty and retention, and creates a better-profiled target audience for your organisation:

Corporate Events
Data Cleansing
Campaign Management
Sales-Marketing Linkage