Greenman are a four piece band joined by their appetite for hard-hitting and heavy rock music. Imagine music that’s as raw as Sabbath, as energetic as AC/DC and as creative as Led Zeppelin and and you’ve got Greenman.

The origins of Greenman go back to the age of big hair and spandex. Fighting against the tide of Acid House these prog rockers were the biggest band between the Hayling Island Conservative Hut and St Mary's church hall. The fellowship was formed in the summer of 1989 when Loz met Ian at a Roy Harper gig, and following a series of drummers, Mike picked up his sticks and looked for rock stardom.

Joined through their love of hard rock music, ale and a good dose of weird behaviour four lads set out to make waves and create a special kind of sound.Greenman's secrecy was infamous and ventures into public were strictly limited. But the original music kept flowing, fusing influences of 70's rock and metal with an odd funk beat courtesy of a singer propelled by an unconventional attitude.

With their priorities firmly set on drink, haze and women, and in an age before the Criminal Just Act, Greenman made more impact through social unrest than their tunes. Women came and went, and so did Graham but try as they might he could not be replaced. The demise came in the Autumn of 1991 when the incentives for a Friday night practice were replaced with an urgency to party.

The band split leaving only a few material possessions including a selection of four track recordings, two videos, two news articles and 25 copies of a poster. The lawyers were called in to sort out the assets but they just put them in a box and told the band to forget about them. Ian and Loz continued to speak but only because by then they were brother-in-laws. Graham continued to play in bands, toured Europe and gained a local reputation for his solos, whilst Mike disappeared onto a silver spaceship bound for Never-never land.
But all was not lost! Fast forward to 2010, a chance meeting at Kingley Vale, a few beers and the odd conversation starting "So what have you been doing for the last 15 years?" and the spirit of Greenman was awakened. Casting new energy across old works, writing new material and releasing years of caged inspiration Greenman are kicking again.

The music sounds fresh and this time the band is going to share it. Following a series of studio sessions music new and old is now available, and with gigs booked throughout 2012 the Greenman has come for you….