Green Sprouts Solutions offers a one-stop feeding solution for Livestock management. An economically viable solution to grow green feed 365 days a year. Drought-proofing Livestock Farms by adding 15 hectares of green feed by installing a Green Sprouts Booster System - hypothetically.

You can feed up to 300 sheep daily from one Booster system at a very cost effective rate. All ruminating mammals can be simply identified by the trait of chewing cud. The digestive system of these animals is designed to break down and digest plant-based food by firstly softening it in the Rumen (commonly known as the first stomach) and then regurgitating the partly digested mass (also known as cud) and chewing it again. The digestive system of ruminating animals works most efficiently when digesting fresh green feed.

The “barley sprout mat” is completely edible and highly nutritious as it is a living food. The animals will eat the entire mat, roots and green growth so there is no waste.

Feeding the animal with Barley sprouts from the Green Sprouts Feeding systems allows their digestive system to function to maximum efficiency which produces healthier animals.  Barley sprouts increases the red blood cells resulting in more oxygen and thereby the animal uses less energy.

Our Sprout Booster Machines are uniquely designed and controls ambient temperatures to eliminate fungal growth that sometimes could develop due to controlled temperature environments.

With low energy consumption in mind the new Next Generation Hydroponic Fodder System offers the ultimate solution to all farmers that are situated in areas where extreme weather could dampen sprout development, especially in winter periods.

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Green Sprouts Solutions
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