We won industry awards and our employees have been recognised by the Australian Financial Review's Smart Investor magazine in top 10 Financial Planners in Australia.  We have expertise as financial advisors and wealth coaches in the areas of wealth accumulation strategies, business advice, tax planning, retirement planning, expatriate advice, risk protection, estate planning, direct equities and gearing strategies.  

INKOM is a Sydney-based financial advice practice  who are a prestigious fee-for-service independently owned boutique financial services practice,

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You have come to the right place if you are looking for:

Clarity on the best course of action to maximise opportunities and plan for the future
Empowerment to take continual action towards achieving your financial and lifestyle goals
Clear, tax effective, strategic investment advice
Fee based financial planning (no commissions)
An award winning financial planner within a leading Sydney CBD firm
Peace of mind that you have a trusted professional working in your best interest