Gretchen and the Pickpockets hailing out of the New England Seacoast region of New Hampshire has a soulful mature rock sound that crosses between classic rock, alternative and pop.

Gretchen Klempa has been singing since she can remember. It began with a youthful purchase of Brittany Spears and Pinks' albums which led to persistent frolic singing into the mirror. Her first musical memory was a very encouraged solo in her fifth grade concert. The stage quickly became her friend. To Gretchen, music transports her – an outpouring of expression that is always there for her --- no matter what. Hoping to share that magical journey with meaningful messages to melt away the bad and enhance the good, she caringly pulls you into that special world with every performance. Enwrapping you with soulful honey-rich sound, Gretchen leaves you completely entranced, asking for more.