Today Grid Dynamics announced the opening of its Belgrade, Serbia office. Grid Dynamics is an engineering IT services company known for transformative, mission-critical cloud solutions for retail, finance and technology sectors. We’ve architected some of the busiest ecommerce services on the Internet and have never had an outage during the peak season. Founded in 2006 and headquartered in San Ramon, California with offices throughout the US and Eastern Europe, we focus on big data analytics, scalable omnichannel services, DevOps, and cloud enablement.

Customers hire Grid Dynamics for highly complex and innovative projects for two reasons: experienced and super-smart engineers backed by industry-specific blueprints; and a collaborative engineering culture where all team members speak the same language, share the same values, and solve problems together.

Our team consists of exceptionally passionate software engineers and scientists who love tackling difficult problems and have developed a track record for innovation and quality with nearly every one of our customers. As a global engineering company, Grid Dynamics is structured to support many flexible delivery models that can adapt to customer needs while maintaining speed and agility. We can deliver projects onshore, offshore or in a hybrid configuration to optimize cost, productivity, and collaboration.

Our core services include: Big Data, QA Automation, Cloud Engineering, UI/ Full Stack Engineering, Release Engineering/ DevOps, Search Engine Development and Mobile Development.

Let our world-class engineers, armed with proven industry-specific blueprints, deliver your next breakaway project.

For more information, please visit http://www.griddynamics.com/